Dining out at the beach in Koh Samui

One of the great things about Thailand is the abundance of wonderful food. Whether you’re looking for western fare or local dishes there are so many inexpensive options! Many are just outside your door. Koh Samui had less of the street stalls but had an abundance of fairly inexpensive restaurants to make up for it.

My favorite restaurant while we stayed in Koh Samui was a BBQ place called Eldorado that was located two blocks from our hotel. It was very inexpensive by Western standards and I thought that the food was top notch. Very authentic. I remember liking their pork chops especially, but everything that I got there was good. Also, once a week they have an all you can eat BBQ with ribs, steak, chicken etc. Being able to try all the BBQ on the menu was a great experience, and most of it was delicious! There was even a tasty salad that Eric and I went back for second helpings twice!

Eric’s favorite place was a thin crust pizza place called Pizza Del Sol. It was a short scooter ride up the coast and had this amazingly crispy crust. There were quite a variety of different toppings and they were never too busy. There’s something quite different about the pizzas that we ate in Thailand. I did wonder if perhaps they’re a little more authentic to the original Italian style than what we find in the States, and if that’s what makes them so good.

When we wanted a quick dinner with a variety of options we went to the Lamai Central Plaza. This is a plaza in the middle of town that features a selection of food stalls, small restaurants and open air seating. I remember getting a decent Pad Thai here, and it’s great when you and your friend want to have different dishes. There are bars with dancer women here however, so it might be something to skip if that’s not something that sits well with you.

When we were feeling really lazy there was Live India, an Indian restaurant that would deliver to our hotel! Since it was just a short walk away they didn’t even charge us. I always order the chicken tikka marsala. The sauce was really rich and the chicken was nice and tender. If you eat in the restaurant that is a nice deal that includes a beer, rice, and naan which we took advantage of several times.

We didn’t celebrate Christmas while we were in Lamai, but we did go to the Swing Bar for New Years Eve. Every hour or so leading up to NYE they had fire dancing show! It was actually on a platform a few feet out in the surf. The waves crashing at the dancer’s feet and the streaks of fire in the dark were really cool. The beach was packed with all sorts of dancing and partying people, but we managed to find a quieter section and sit on the sand for a bit. I got an outrageously priced gin and tonic to ring in the new year because that’s what you do! At midnight many people set off the fireworks they’d picked up downtown. Overall it was a nice way to end the year.

Of course we ate at quite a few other places but these are the ones that stand out the most for me. We did start eating at Western places more at this time, I think because we were both starting to get really homesick. And being in a touristy area probably had something to do with it too!

Next time I’ll talk about some of the other things that you can see or do in Lamai.