The Lunar Station Escape Room from Maze Rooms

For our final puzzle room we booked the Lunar Station with Maze Rooms. From the description I wasn’t really sure what to expect other than it takes place on the Moon which seemed really cool. We booked kind of early in the afternoon so first we needed to find some grub.

I thought that I had this all perfectly planned out only to realize that Maze Rooms are actually spread out over several locations. The place that I picked for lunch, Belizean Paradise, while it was not as close as I thought was only 15-20 minutes away which worked out okay. The parking lot is really hard to get into if you’re going the wrong direction so if you find yourself in that situation just go around or you will be stuck there forever.

We ordered some Oxtail stew, the chicken plate (a steal at only $5), and some panades with onion chutney. I also requested some of the Marie Sharp Habenero Pepper sauce. Everything was delicious, from the oxtail stew to the chicken and the rice with red beans. The panades, which is sort of like an empanada with tuna fish filling was really good with the onion chutney. Oh and I almost forgot a got a glass of the Sour Sap juice. That I’m not sure that I liked. I kept reminding me of something but I’m not sure what. It was a fun thing to try in any case. I’m definitely glad that we found the place and had the opportunity to eat there!

Now that we had our fuel we were ready to tackle our last escape room of the trip, the Lunar Station.

Going in we were both a little skeptical. We were a little early and just so happened to be the first customers of the day so no one was there when we arrived. I think that we ended up calling to make sure we were in the right location and it turned out the owner was stuck in traffic.

Still, once we were instead we changed into our jumpsuits and got ready for our mission! And I have to say, we were just blown away. The Lunar Station is a completely immersive, second generation puzzle room. We had never heard of the different types of puzzle rooms that were available and it was an awesome experience getting to try it out first hand without any spoilers.

Now the puzzles themselves were pretty easy. They were thematic and lots of fun. We finished with time to spare and you are in for a treat if you manage to escape!

This was really the highlight of our escape room trip and really inspired both of us. It might have been a little crazy to go somewhere purely for escape rooms but we had so much fun, which is the most important thing.

Next I think that I will tackle the end of my Thailand trip. I’ve been putting it off and writing this I realize how much you forget. Who knows, maybe that will open me up to travel to some more new and exciting places!