Loy Krathong

For the past week I haven’t had a chance to charge my laptop because there were no three prong power outlets at the places that we were staying and I forgot my adaptor in some luggage we left behind. I am back in Chiang Mai and I have a ton of posts to make!

On Wednesday November 25th we were able to celebrate Loy Krathong. Loy Krathong is a holiday celebrated in Thailand and some of the neighboring Southeast Asian countries. It is general celebrated over the course of three days and includes many events such as a parade, many contests, a beauty pageant etc.

This is my Krathong
This is my Krathong

The name comes from the traditional practice of floating an offering, usually of flowers, candles and incense down the river. It is supposed to wash away any bad luck of the past and bring you new luck. While traditionally there were only the water kind of Krathongs now there are also the lantern type. These have some a small ring soaked in karosene that makes them float off into the night sky. We tried both.

To start the night off we walked along the parade route and took in the sights. There were some dancers and a number of floats. There were also vendors all along the route selling both the water and sky Krathongs. We bought a floating Krathong and a lantern type for 40 baht each. That’s a little more than a dollar each.

When we got to the bridge over the river we tried to set our lantern but were stopped by police. We found out that lanterns aren’t legal until 9 pm. We thought it would be prudent to wait until then to send off our lantern but it seemed like everyone else was doing it anyway.

Instead we went down to the edge of the river to release our krathongs. My boyfriend’s brother slipped and got all muddy unfortunately. It was very slippery and I almost fell a few times too. Someone standing in the river helped me get my Krathong in the water. I definitely would have fell in if I had tried to release it myself. Even standing near the edge got my sandals pretty muddy.

Through the night people we shooting off fireworks but around 9PM some bigger ones were let off. I’m not sure if it was official but it was nice to watch either way.

At nine o’clock we went onto a cool bamboo bridge stretched to the middle of the river to release the lantern. It was pretty crowded so I accidentally didn’t record us lighting the lantern, but at least I got the last part.

Afterward we went to a bar by the river whose name I can’t remember. I was Cana-something? It was a bit expensive at 200 baht a drink but we had a great view of the river. We spent the next hour or so sipping our drinks and watching the lanterns and fireworks. A very nice way to end our first Loy Krathong!