Wat Prathat Doi Suthep

IMG_0722On Tuesday after Thai class we all went to Wat Prathat Doi Suthep, a Hmong mountain town with a waterfall garden, then took a quick jaunt through the Bpuping Palace grounds. It was a busy day!

Beautiful view of Chiang Mai!
Beautiful view of Chiang Mai!

Wat Prathat Doi Suthep is interesting in that unlike a lot of the other Wats it is actually far up in the mountains. Tourists have a choice of either paying 50 baht a piece and taking the tram or walking all 306 steps to get to the top. We decided to take the tram. It’s short and there is not much of a view, so actually I might consider walking up next time.


The temple itself is beautiful and while somewhat crowded with other tourists from Thailand it felt like it belonged on top of the mountain.



This fruit was actually what started my exotic fruit kick. It is called a physalis and is related to the tomato. While the winter season isn’t the best time to find ripe fruit we have managed to try a rose apple, jack fruit, some weird almost rum tasting fruit that I forget the name of, and my favorite so far dragon fruit. I’m really curious about this fruit called the sugar apple. I hope that we can have a taste of it before leaving Chiang Mai.


After the temple we drove around for a while looking for the Bhuping Palace and found this Hmong village. There was a long winding road filled with market stalls to the top of a hill where we found this beautiful terraced garden and waterfall.


No idea what this does.


After backtracking we realized that we had driven past the entrance to the Bhuping Palace without even noticing! Luckily we got there 30 minutes before closing and were able to see the grounds. Very beautiful gardens although you are not allowed in any of the buildings.