Riding Quads, the outskirts of Siem Reap and alligator farms

Now that we’ve seen Angkor Wat what else is there to do in Siem Reap?

There are actually quite a few options. During out trip we rented some Quads and had an off road adventure! We booked with Quad Aventure Cambodia and did the Half Day tour. We did not make it all the way to the floating villages, but we saw so many small villages and beautiful terrain I did not miss it.

We started the day by taking a tuk tuk to their main office where we picked out helmets and were given a short driving test. I was a bit nervous. This was my first time driving a quad. Luckily it was no big deal. They’re very easy to drive.

One of the first stops of the day was at what I think was an abandoned funerary. I remember tracking down exactly where this was at one point, but I just can’t find it now. Anyone recognize it?

Our trip was actually rather open ended. Because I hadn’t been on a Quad before our guide stuck to an easier route. We passed through a lot of villages, saw an alligator farm, almost saw one of the filming locations for a film directed by Angelina Jolie, and were given the option to shoot a machine gun!

It was nice to get out of the city and see how people actually live. Some of the towns only had a large dirt road through the middle of town. We saw quite a few ancient ruins, although our guide told us we should not linger in these places because we were on the border of the Angkor Archeological Park.

The Alligator Park was disappointing. Smelly and crowded. I don’t know what I was expecting but there were basically a bunch of bare concrete pits filled with Alligators and shallow pools of brackish water. Not exactly like watching Steve Irwin work. I would recommend skipping this in the future.

Either shortly before or during our time in Cambodia Angelina Jolie was on location filming First They Killed My Father, a story about woman growing up during Khmer Rouge regime. Our guide tried to take us too see some of the filming locations but we were stopped by a guard. That would have been really cool to see. Alas!

We were also given the option to shoot a machine gun. However the bullets were $2 which seemed pretty expensive. I was worried about the safety of it and decided to decline. Since coming back home we found out that you can rent a machine gun here for the same price! So if you’re from the states you can skip this, but if you’re from a country with stricter gun control laws you can ask to shoot a machine gun on your quad adventure!

That’s about all I can remember from the trip. I wish that I got more pictures driving through town but honestly I was completely focused on driving and taking in the sights.

Next time I will talk about the stilt villages at Tonlé Sap Lake.

Have you ever had an amazing experience during your travels, but not really captured it on film?  What was it?