The Lunar Station Escape Room from Maze Rooms

For our final puzzle room we booked the Lunar Station with Maze Rooms. From the description I wasn’t really sure what to expect other than it takes place on the Moon which seemed really cool. We booked kind of early in the afternoon so first we needed to find some grub.

I thought that I had this all perfectly planned out only to realize that Maze Rooms are actually spread out over several locations. The place that I picked for lunch, Belizean Paradise, while it was not as close as I thought was only 15-20 minutes away which worked out okay. The parking lot is really hard to get into if you’re going the wrong direction so if you find yourself in that situation just go around or you will be stuck there forever.

We ordered some Oxtail stew, the chicken plate (a steal at only $5), and some panades with onion chutney. I also requested some of the Marie Sharp Habenero Pepper sauce. Everything was delicious, from the oxtail stew to the chicken and the rice with red beans. The panades, which is sort of like an empanada with tuna fish filling was really good with the onion chutney. Oh and I almost forgot a got a glass of the Sour Sap juice. That I’m not sure that I liked. I kept reminding me of something but I’m not sure what. It was a fun thing to try in any case. I’m definitely glad that we found the place and had the opportunity to eat there!

Now that we had our fuel we were ready to tackle our last escape room of the trip, the Lunar Station.

Going in we were both a little skeptical. We were a little early and just so happened to be the first customers of the day so no one was there when we arrived. I think that we ended up calling to make sure we were in the right location and it turned out the owner was stuck in traffic.

Still, once we were instead we changed into our jumpsuits and got ready for our mission! And I have to say, we were just blown away. The Lunar Station is a completely immersive, second generation puzzle room. We had never heard of the different types of puzzle rooms that were available and it was an awesome experience getting to try it out first hand without any spoilers.

Now the puzzles themselves were pretty easy. They were thematic and lots of fun. We finished with time to spare and you are in for a treat if you manage to escape!

This was really the highlight of our escape room trip and really inspired both of us. It might have been a little crazy to go somewhere purely for escape rooms but we had so much fun, which is the most important thing.

Next I think that I will tackle the end of my Thailand trip. I’ve been putting it off and writing this I realize how much you forget. Who knows, maybe that will open me up to travel to some more new and exciting places!

The Apartment 205 and The Will

The next day we booked not one but two Escape Rooms! Apartment 205 and The Will.

Apartment 205 was an action sort of escape room with your typical senile terrorist that’s left clues all over the place ostentatiously for himself. I was a fun concept but it didn’t appeal to us. Having the actor in the room with us was more obtrusive. Also, one of the first things we did was run down the hall to get to the room, and because there were a bunch of people in the hallway I hit my hand on some guy’s motorcycle helmet. He didn’t drop it so I think it was okay, but I know they’re pretty expensive. I know that it was my choice to run, but if you’re going to spring something like that on someone probably isn’t a good idea to do it in a crowded hallway. Still I think that for some people it will give more guidance and reassurance. It just didn’t work well for us.

At one point my boyfriend knew how to solve a puzzle but because the guy was standing over him awkwardly he felt so weirded out by the situation he didn’t actually do the puzzle. At that point the actor just sort of told him what to do. It would have been more fun and less awkward without that. That was kind of a low point for both of us, but the next room was much more to our taste.

There was a Chipotle across the street from this location so we ended up there for lunch. It was very convenient. There wasn’t really anywhere to hang out around the Escape Room so we just waited in the car after finishing lunch.

The Will is a techy room. Things happen when you solve puzzles, and it really feels really cool. It’s hard to talk about without spoiling things but I enjoyed the room a lot. We finished it easily with two people with plenty of time to spare. I think that we did use one or two hints but they were things that I think we would have gotten eventually. Just stuff we didn’t find or notice. I think that it would be a good one for a new group or a couple.

Okay! That just about finished our trip. Last but not least, we went to the Lunar Lab Escape Room by Maze. I’m planning to talk about that one tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Disneyland California Adventure Park

In the past two years my SO and I have found ourselves passing through LA for some reason or another and we’ve always thought why not stop in Disneyland for a day? We’ve always just bought the one day tickets to keep things simple and definitely had a blast. Being a kid for a day and just worrying about how you’re going to line up your fastpasses was lots of fun.

On this trip we decided to go to Disneyland California Adventure Park. Both of us have never been and we were curious what it was like. I’m so glad we went and I’m going to talk a little bit about some of the rides that we went on, the food and the World of Colors show.

Walking into the California Adventure Park for the first time was amazing. I think the last time I felt like that was probably when I went to Disneyland when I was six years old. Neither of had did any research before we went on the trip so we had no idea what to expect! The only thing that I knew about the park was that I wanted to go on the Tower of Terror ride. My first impression was that this was a Disneyland more aimed at adults. There was available wine everywhere and way less of the cutesy character stuff, although there was still a fair amount.

First, we decided to get some lunch at Cocina Cucamonga Mexican grill. Pretty good TexMex style Tacos with big portions.

Soaring over California was the first ride that we came across with a fastpass. The floor drops away and you really feel like you are soaring over California! Some of the other fun rides we went on was the Grizzly Rapids ride. Somehow I managed to get completely soaked on that ride while my boyfriend managed to stay completely dry! Somehow he always gets lucky when it comes to these type of things. Actually there was a guy across from us and Eric spoke enough Spanish to realize he was talking about how dry my boyfriend was compared to everyone else. He said something like “he’s such a slim guy, he’s not even getting wet!” which he shared with me afterward. Lucky guy!

At one point we decided to go on the iconic Sun Wheel Ride. I actually didn’t realize exactly how the ride moves, so it was a bit of a surprise at first! It’s a pretty long ride so we had a nice discussion with the other couple we meet there. They were originally from the MidWest took some time off and were just living in different places to see the country. They decided to stay in Southern California for a while and pick up annual passes for Disneyland and just go a bunch for a whole month. It sounded like a whole lot of fun! I hope that they’re still having some great adventures out there.

While I didn’t have a huge plan for it dinner didn’t quite work out like I had hoped. I wanted to try the lobster nachos at Ariel’s Grotto, but it was such a long wait and didn’t work with some of the other things we still wanted to do, so instead we ended up getting chowder bread bowls at one of the shops in the Fisherman’s wharf area. I’m pretty familiar with the actual place that is based on having grown up in the Bay Area so that was kind of bizarre. It did look eerily reminiscent but totally cleaned up and made much smaller. Like a mini video game version of it.

I think that it was about this time that we decided to go on the Tower of Terror in the Hollywood Section. It was really fun! I love those creepy rides, and it was not at all what I expected. They sort of lull you into a state where you’re not sure what you think is going to happen will, but it does. Loved the Twilight theme.

I’m actually picking up this entry quite a few months later so unfortunately I can’t remember a lot of what I was going to write. There were a lot more rides than this, lots of snacks, and some just resting on park benches when we were really tired that I’ve left out. The one thing that left a big impression was the World of Color show. Actually, the last time that we went to Disneyland Eric really wanted to see this show and we were so disappointed when we realized that it was only in the California Adventure Park. Funny story, we actually ended up getting tickets for the event by accident. One of the ticket dispensers is right next to a ride and we picked them up by mistake. Lucky mistake! It was packed when we went to find seats but managed to get a pretty decent view.

One sad thing about the trip was that my boyfriend lost his favorite jacket. We really should have gotten a locker. We spent a good amount of time looking for it, and even went to the lost and found but haven’t heard anything back. It was a custom made patchwork jacket that he bought off of etsy before I even met him. I remember that it was one of the things that I liked about him when we first met, it made him seem pretty unique and cool. I keep having dreams of writing up a post on reddit or something and through some amount of luck or just crowd sourcing being able to find this thing but it’s probably way to late now. I hope that someone found it and that they’re out there impressing weird girls with it.

After that we were exhausted and went back to our AirBnb. I remember that my boyfriend was on a big The Captain is Dead kick so we ended up playing that all night. I think that we picked up the expansion just before we left on our trip which was really fun.

We had a lot of fun and I’m glad that we went but I don’t think that we will go back for a long time. I still prefer the original park and we’ll probably keep going to that one in the future. I’m also still sad about my boyfriend’s cool jacket :(.

I’m going to start working on my next entry right now.