LA Escape Room Trip

My SO and I are back state side, but still traveling! Some day I will have to finish up my posts on my trip to Thailand but until then I thought that I should write a little about our recent trip to Los Angeles. We decided to go to Los Angeles to play Escape the Room games.

Escape the Room games are basically an experience where the participants are locked in a room or series of rooms and need to solve a number of puzzles in order to find the key to unlock the last door. They originally started in Japan and have been in the US since about 2014. We actually did our first Escape Room in Bangkok and have both been in love with them ever since. We’ve even toyed with the idea of starting an Escape Room business ourselves.

Somewhat of an unusual reason to go to LA, but all the same we had a wonderful trip! We wanted our trip to be as stress free as possible so we did some research and booked four Escape Room games in advance. I did most of my research by checking out yelp reviews. The ones that we chose were Escape from the Time Travel Lab from Real Escape Room, Apartment 205 and The Will from Enigma Escape Rooms, and finally Lunar Station from Maze Rooms. I’m going to write about my whole trip, but if you’re just interested in reading my Escape Room Recommendations then you can skip ahead to the sections that are highlighted in this post and any following.

Our first room of the trip was the Escape from the Time Travel Lab and it certainly set the bar high! My SO picked this one and he was the most excited about it. The night before our game Real Escape Room called us to let us know that we would be the only two people playing that night, and since it was a room designed for a larger group it would really be a challenge. They gave us the option to change our booking to another time, but we since it really didn’t work with our schedule we decided to keep our original time. Honestly we were excited that we would be able to personally work on all of the puzzles!

The Escape Room was located in Little Tokyo in a mall. Google directions dump you in an alleyway next to a Starbucks, but by walking down the street you will see the main entrance to the shopping area. Go into the main area, then take the stairs to your left. Escape the Time Travel Lab is near the landing and you will recognize it from the advertisements in the windows.

Since we were a little early we decided to eat at Orochon Ramen. We didn’t do any research before hand, but it looked popular so we decided to give it a try. I highly recommend the Miso broth, and the gyoza were amazing. There was a bit of a wait so make sure to give yourself plenty of time. Admittedly it took us a while to order because we did not realize that you need to press the call button on one of the nifty little boxes that are taped all over the place.

Escape from the Time Travel Lab
I’m not going to write about the content of the room at all, but I am going to mention some of the things about this game in general. My overall review is that it was a great experience, the staff were extremely friendly and helpful, and that we enjoyed ourselves immensely. If you don’t want to spoil anything about this room you should just stop reading now and go book it to see for yourself.

About the room: Because we were only a group of two the staff went out of their way giving us hints to help us experience as much of the game as possible. We don’t like getting too many hints normally but in this situation there was plenty to do and I felt like it enabled us to see most of the game. There are a few actors in the room with you but they are very unobtrusive. There are tons of puzzles to do, some are quick and easy while others take a long time to figure out. However you do not have to solve every single puzzle in order to complete the room. If you complete enough of them you can use guesses to get to the next stage which I thought was pretty cool.

While we did not escape, we did get really close. It was such a cool concept and we both had a lot of fun. I might ask my boyfriend to do a separate post on this one because of how much he enjoyed it.

The next day we actually went to Disneyland California Adventure Park! It was the first time for both of us and I will talk about our impressions of it in my next post.